NIS / GDP Regulations

DataAlarm & DataEye are the main preventive mitigation tools for monitoring and safeguarding actions that indicate compliance with the NIS & GDPR Directive.

How it works

DataAlarm & DataEye are constantly watching the channels most commonly used by cyber criminals for stolen data belonging to you. Our response to the leaked information is immediate.

Data leaks

Our DataAlarm tool will detect your data breache no matter where it is hidden and will instantly notify you in a way you want 24/7/365.

Create alarms 24/7

nstant alerts  24/7  Tracking (SOC)

Cyber Monitoring

Monitor the dark web for stolen corporate records.

Investigate, Detect and Report on Data Leaks

Detect data leaks quickly with DataAlarm investigation tool


  • Investigate analyze, and notify for existing or new data leaks about the company, items displayed outside of the firewall

Secure your brand

  • Εnsure your commercial data from leaks

Respond to Data Leaks

  • mmediately “pinch” threats through the Deep & Dark Web.

Data Alarms 365

  • Ιnstant alerts 24/7 Tracking (SOC)

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